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Dress Up Your House with Paint

A fresh coat of paint in a modern color can vastly improve the appearance of your home or business. Find a first-class selection of paints at Ward's Lumber. We also carry wood stains that restore the look of weather-damaged wood, which gives your structure an overall updated appearance.

Paint Cans

Colorful Paints

We are proud to offer Valspar paints because of their great quality. These paints come in all different finishes, and we can mix and match a color for you while you wait. One or more distinctive paint colors will make your property the area's standout.

Additionally, we have primers, specialty paints, and sealing paints to enhance your business or home and keep it looking great for years. Save time on painting trim and yard furniture with cans of Valspar spray paint in a variety of colors and finishes.

Wood Enhancers

Restore old and worn woodworking and decks with Cabot wood stains and sealers. In addition to renewing the look of wood, these products create protective barriers that prevent water damage. We also have tons of great sundries you can use for proper application of wood stains and sealers, such as:

  • Rollers
  • Brushes
  • Tape
  • Drop Cloths
  • Roller Kits

Wood Stain